【蘇珊強森傑作選】: 消失的土耳其人—Recovery 2

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Warning again:這段描寫非常活生生血淋淋
為免心靈嚴重受創 xsergent 純情愛姊妹請退場


Abdul was standing beside the bed, a tremendous, powerful man, staring unreservedly at his captured prize. His beautiful, noble features fell into fascinated contemplation. Previously his plan were to carry Delilah and the boy immediately by private carriage to Paris. But as he stood surveying the thinly clad woman, her auburn tresses tumbling around her white shoulders, the abundant breasts, full and swollen with pregnancy, he beheld a fascinating sensual feast. The object of his sexual hunger, the sweet morsel he had almost possessed months ago, was only an arm’s reach away. She was tied and trussed, warm, and nearly naked—a voluptuous earth mother, splendidly fertile, like a lush sacrifice, a sensuous allegorical vessel just waiting to serve his worshipping phallus. What a temptation to push the fragile gown from her shoulders and expose those breasts straining against the fabric. Her large nipples were thrusting in twin high peaks, stretching the diaphanous silk into symmetrical areolas of bursting ripples. What a temptation to take her immediately.

He decided quite abruptly, his penis rising at the sight, perhaps he could spare a half hour to taste and know the lush warm feel of this exquisite goddess before the journey to Paris began. Reaching out a lean, brown hand, he mutely slipped Zena’s sleeping gown down over her shoulders, taking both hands to ease the fine silk and lace when it tightened, then caught across the jutting pressure of the extravagant, satiny bosom. He used both hands to inch the fabric slowly down over the ripe, taut, distended breasts. The thin material sprang free and the full, magnificent globes were displayed in all their lush splendor. He ran his hands admiringly over the marvelous roundness like an appreciative connoisseur. Zena cringed back against the headboard at his touch.




“Such lovely, enormous breasts, my little mother,” Abdul said quietly as his fingers delicately traced a circle around the enlarged nipples.

Female breasts had always held a certain fascination and attraction for him. …(中略)…
In Abdul’s case, since he was her only child, his mother was allowed to suckle him until he left the harem at age seven. The swarthy Turk was, in truth, a testimonial to the diet, for he was extremely tall and long-limbed with a finely wrought muscular strength.

With gentle fingers Abdul kneaded Zena’s breasts in a steady, firm rhythm. Zena sat rigidly upright against the bed, her bound arms pressing into her back, unable to move as the fine-featured, black-bearded Turk stoked and squeezed the rounded, swollen breasts, touching the hardened tips of her nipples occasionally, then resuming his sensuous rhythm.

“I’ll find a wet nurse for your child, sweet Delilah,” he crooned, as his fingers tightened on her swelling, firm breast, “and your flow of milk will be mine.” His tongue licked one large nipple. “I’ll have mead sent down from my mother’s tribe in the mountains for you. Drinking it daily ensures a copious supply of milk. I warn you, fair flower, my appetite for your milk will be demanding. I must see that you are rested and healthy so that you will be fit to supply my needs.”




His low, deep, murmuring voice sang in her ears while those expert fingers practiced their sensitive sorcery. Zena began to glow to the pulsing in her breasts as they warmed by Abdul’s deft touch. A tingle crept to the crest of her nipples as little droplets formed on the rosy tips. The minutest flow of milky fluid oozed gently forth, and Abdul bent his dark head to suck the moist gift. The feel of his lips sent unwanted waves of sensual pleasure throbbing through her body like tide.

Unhampered by similar moral scruples, Abdul was quite content. He suckled each breast with gentle lips, delighting in the roused, taut nipples. He licked the hardened crest, and several drops of fluid fell from the budding pink nipple into Abdul’s mouth. Thusly he moved from one pulsating, plump mound to another until his prick throbbed violently with a craving hunger.


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