【蘇珊強森傑作選】: 消失的紅寶石—Recovery 2

【Outlaw 劫愛】 消失的紅寶石 xte

為免心臟負荷不了 xsergent 純情愛姊妹請退場
不識字的可以再度利用 線上字典 xte


A moment later she stood in the opened doorway of the dressing room. “Merry Christmas, my Lord.”x11

Looking up, Johnnie stopped pulling off his glove, the black leather half-rolled over the back of his hand.
His gaze swept over the spectacle of his wife’s ripe body in resplendent undress and his smile slowly spread until his eyes shone with appreciation. “Had I known your plans, sweetheart,” he said, “my horses could have run without me this afternoon.”

“You’re home just in time,” she murmured. “You haven’t missed anything yet.” She was posed like a young Cleopatra, her eyes exuding a mischievous sensuality.

He grinned and resumed stripping off his fringed gloves. “How fortunate. You’ve been waiting for me then.”

“I’ve been spoiled,” she said, leaving the dressing room portal and gracefully walking toward him, her breasts bobbing and swaying like the pearls swinging form her ears. “I prefer you to substitutes.”

His fingers were moving quickly on the buttons of his great coat. “I’m at your service,” he said with a roguish smile, shrugging out of his coat, and tossing it aside. “Although give me a minute to warm my hands or you’ll suffer.”

“Touch me with your cold hands,” she begged in a delicate whisper.

Her breathy words triggered a flaring lust and he waited for her, enchanted by her florid sexuality, aware of the surging rise of his erection. As she neared, he saw her eyes raised to him, warm with wanting and when she was close, he leaned over and touched her, his left hand sliding between her warm thighs, his right slipping under her from behind, his fingers meeting, clamping hard over her hot cleft.

She gasped, stunned for a moment, the stark chill of his winter cold hands stinging and thrilling simultaneously, her nipples hardening as if touched by ice. Then a flame exploded deep in her belly, and a fierce wanting swirled through her body, leaving her breathless. Her forehead dropped against his shoulder as she absorbed the shattering sensation; a low almost indistinguishable moan vibrated in her throat. His fingers were slowly opening her, seeking entrance, finding it. Johnnie’s long cool fingers sank in up to his palm.

既然依妮已經慾火焚身,強尼連暖身動作都省了,萬能的手指直搗黃龍 xlau


Her low rapturous cry thrilled him. He could feel her weight settle on his cupped hands as her knees gave way. Lifting her slightly, he put pressure on her pulsing core and she felt every compressed throb more profoundly, felt his fingers more acutely as they stretched her wider. She whimpered as her flesh yielded to his penetration, as the delirious palpitations ravished her senses.

“Put your arms around me,” he whispered, scooping her off her feet. Eagerly she complied, flinging her arms around his neck, clinging to him.

Carrying her to a nearby chaise, he gently placed her against the cushioned back and kissed her waiting lips, tasted the sweetnss of her mouth as he smoothly freed his hands. Tipping her chin up with a light fingertip, he gazed into her pleasure-hazed eyes. “This is the best Christmas present I’ve ever had.”xheart

Her scent on his fingers drifted into her nostrils….stirring a primitive arousal. “Kiss me again,” she breathed, reaching up for him, wanting to feel his power.

His lips brushed over hers, his mouth unhurried, gentle. He was always less impatient than she, always more restrained, as if he knew how mush better it was with delay. “Would you like your present,” he murmured, kissing her rosy cheek, “for the eleventh day of Christmas?”(g)

“If it’s you.” Her fingers slid through his silky hair.
He chuckled, his breath warm on her skin. “You’re easy to please.”

“Maybe you just know how to please me.”

Sitting upright, he drew away and holding her hands in his, contemplated her jeweled splendor with roguish amusement. “Since you’ve been pregnant, darling, pleasing you has been uncomplicated. Now let me get your present.” He smiled as she took his hand and guided his fingers inside her. “I’ve another ornament for you.”

“To add to my wanton glitter…” A small breathy sigh registered appreciation of his masterly touch.

He paused infinitesimally. “Yes, that too,” he said.

“You feel strong,” she purred, lazily moving against Johnnie’s powerful hand.

“You feel eager,” he replied, his blue eyes teasing.

“So?” The breathy word was a light command.

“So I’ll be right back,” he whispered, sliding his fingers out, and rising from the chaise.

一回到家外套鞋子都還來不及脫下,就先忙著 “取悅” 老婆大人滿足她的需求xsh
這種好老公要去哪裡找啊? xin

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