【蘇珊強森傑作選】: 消失的紅寶石—Recovery 4

再續【Outlaw 劫愛】 消失的紅寶石 xte 主角終於上場了…xhehehe

Warning again:這段描寫很煽情
為免心臟負荷不了 xsergent 純情愛姊妹請退場
不識字的可以再度利用 線上字典 xte


Johnnie gently eased her legs apart as he shrugged out of his coat, the hot eager feel of her intensely provocative. He shifted his position to ease the tightness of his breeched, then reached for the ruby pendant which lay almost invisible against the intricate colored silks of the needlepoint fabric.

“There’s a story with the jewel,” he quietly said, delicately arranging her legs, spreading her thighs wider, bending her knees slightly so her hot cleft was beautifully exposed.

Lightly caressing her inner thighs, his fingers moved up to slide over her rosy distended vulva.

Her eyes half closed under the flowing passage of his fingers; and thought of reply was made impossible by the intoxicating sensations.

The king had Agnès Sorel wear the ruby to a ball on night…This might feel cool now,” he gently said, his fingers parting her pouty folds, opening her, massaging the pliant flesh wider to accommodate the large jewel. xin

He slipped the bottom in first and then, stretching her soft tissue, he forced the rest of the large oval ruby into place until it was tightly confined in her sleek, taut flesh. The tantalizing jewel fit snugly as it was meant to, wedged firmly inside her, the rim of large pearls causing palpable friction against her succulent tissue, the diamonds twinkling festively.

Lounging at the foot of the chaise, observing the luscious view, Johnnie reached up to lightly flick the three swinging pearl drops with his fingertips. “The king periodically verified that the pearls were swinging free,” Johnnie murmured. “Do you feel them?” It was a rhetorical question. Her skin was flushed with passion, her breathing erratic, her eyes focused on some internal image. x50

The tiny tantalizing vibration strummed through Elizabeth’s heated senses, moving from the imbedded jewel upward in sensuous waves. Her body was already on fire, and the swinging pearls only added to her feverish desire.

“Bets were taken by his courtiers on how long the lady would last. You touch it,” Johnnie gently suggested, taking her hand, guiding it between her legs. “Lightly now,” he warned, “so you don’t force it in too far.” And he directed her fingers over the sleek ruby, his other hand tracing her tightly stretched skin where it merged with the pearl border, exerting pressure, the tactile contact quickening her heated sensations, stimulating the distended flesh. Her fingers slid over the wet ruby, the crimson surface fluid with her own pearly liquid, her body lubricated, ready, pulsing in anticipation.

“She was like you,” he murmured, gently closing her legs on her hand and on the Renaissance jewel, forcing her thighs together.

She whimpered as the maneuver imbedded the jewel more deeply.
He looked up briefly to gauge the sound and, satisfied it wasn’t one of pain, he placed his hands—fingers splayed—on the outer curve of her thighs and rocked her lightly from side to side. The delirium heightened, ravenous need overwhelmed her, obliterating all thought but that of carnal release.

“She didn’t last more than one dance,” he softly added.

冰男再現 xma 也是舞會時要求女主角將千年球『穿』上身… xlau
King Charles VII 最誇張的是還讓他的弄臣們都知道 Agnès Sorel 把這個墜飾『戴』在身體『裡』x001 大家還為此打賭Agnès Sorel 能撐多久 xma


“How could she…” Elizabeth breathed, barely able to speak, the heated pendant sending wild frissons of rapture coursing through her body, all her senses concentrated on its riveting presence under her hand.

Johnnie’s faint smile was knowing. “She couldn’t, because the king did this…” Sliding his hand between her legs, he moved her fingers upward on the slippery gem to the rim of pearls. Covering her fingers with his, he pressed delicately on the top of the pendant so the purposely constructed convex mount on the back plunged into the trembling flesh of Elizabeth’s clitoris and then he moved her fingers in a slow circular motion. xin

A low moan signaled the first glorious spasm, each sublime peaking explosion that followed curling through her with such savage intensity she screamed at the end—the unguarded cry almost immediately engulfed by the shadowed silence of the room. xsh

Afterward she lay softly panting, her body glistening in the firelit room, her breathing the only audible sound in the hushed chamber. “Merry Christmas.”xheart Johnnie whispered, leaning forward to kiss her flushed check.

↑↑↑ 由上可知 xnose
強尼送給依妮的第11份聖誕禮物的『每一個部位』都被充份的使用到了 xte
且它們也都將自己的『功能』發揮到極致 xlau
真是送禮的人用心 xte 收禮的人歡心 xlau

BUT xlll 不知各位愛姐妹有沒有發現 x19
到目前為止,都只有依妮一個人在 xsh xsong 耶~ xlll
那..那..如此疼愛老婆的強尼該怎辦呢? xin

欲知詳情,ㄟ… xthink 請再等一等啦… xte

請期待:消失的紅寶石—Recovery 5


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