【蘇珊強森傑作選】: 消失的紅寶石—Recovery 7

再繼續【Outlaw 劫愛】 消失的紅寶石xte

話說回來 xnose 強尼的第二回合xsong 終於結束後 xsh
並稱讚他 xgood「真是一個超完美的愛人」!xheart

強尼帶著懶懶的笑意在依妮面前不急不徐的開始 DIY….xlau




強尼深富含意的揚起眉毛看著她 xang

「”他” 是我的啦!」x19

強尼微笑著xsmile對依妮說:「既然妳現在不想要”他”,那 “他” 現在就不是妳的了。」xte


「那 “他” 等一下才是妳的。」xte 強尼已經讓 “他” 變得像石頭般硬挺。

「強尼…..」xin 依妮急忙坐起來。

「我剛剛可沒有 xsong 四次喔,親愛的xheart」強尼溫和地提醒依妮

「為什麼不可以?」x19 依妮專橫的問。




「但我想要啊!」x19 她堅持說道,她的聲音極為興奮且充滿渴望。x43

強尼手上的動作停止,他非常慵懶的凝視著依妮問道「那,妳有多想要 “他” 呢?」xte

「我比你還想要 “他” 」x18

Warning again:這段描寫很煽情
為免心臟負荷不了xsergent 純情愛姊妹請退場
不識字的可以再度利用 線上字典 xte


“Then come and take it,” xsergent he whispered back. Sliding in a lithe movement to the foot of the chaise, he casually spread his legs so that the object of her need and desire awaited her.

She crossed the small distance on her hands and knees, then sat back on her heels so her arms brushed against Johnnie’s opened legs. “I’m feeling very possessive,” she said quietly.

“I know. So am I.” His hand came up and slid behind her head, resting at the nape of her neck. With deliberate slowness he drew her head forward. “I want to feel your tongue,” he said, his voice low.

依妮要開始上 x41x42 課程了….xte

Tentatively, her lips touched the satiny smooth crest and then her tongue began to circle its perimeter.

“No…just the tip,” he commanded softly. “Hold me in your hands…” He guided her fingers into place. “There…now take the tip in your mouth. That’s good.” His eyes closed for a moment. xsh

His order sparked a curious carnal heat as Elizabeth knelt before him, the swollen end of his erection resting in her mouth.

“Now take it all,” he murmured, and moved until his penis filled her mouth. He held himself motionless for a moment, letting the exquisite sensations flood his senses. When he could breathe again, he ran his fingers over her cheeks, feeling his hardness submerged in her mouth, tracing a gentle pattern across her brow so she looked up at him. He smiled at her as his hands closed around her head and he began slowly moving in and out, the sensuous friction of her soft lips and tongue exquisite, the small jarring pressure as his erection struck the back of her throat riveting.

“Look,” he murmured, catching a glimpse of the scene in the cheval glass near the bed. “You can see yourself.” They were in profile in the mirror, Elizabeth’s kneeling form all curves and rounded pale flesh, her long light hair drifting over her back, over his legs.

He tucked some tendrils behind her ears so her face showed clearly in the reflection, so every slow, plunging movement of his body was visible as his penis disappeared into her mouth.

Her gaze drifted over in a sidelong glance, the glowing heat in her body flaring at the sight of her lips on his enormous arousal.

“It’s as if someone is watching us,” he softly said. He stroked her silky cheeks, his eyes on Elizabeth’s loving mouth. “What if someone were watching you?” he murmured, withdrawing again with lingering slowness. “Waiting his turn? You’re very good at this…” He ran a fingertip lightly over the curve of her top lip, the half circle of her mouth spread taut to wrap around him. “Would you want to taste another man?”

She shook her head, her eyes widening for a moment, shamed at the wild heat that streaked through her at his hushed words, at the sudden intensified throbbing between her legs.

“Are you sure?” he whispered. He’d seen the carnal blush infuse her face, her small squirming response. “You might like it…”

When she shook her head a second time in answer to his intemperate question, the dizzying friction caused him to shut his eyes for a shuddering moment.

His hands tightened reflexively on her head and when his lashes drifted upward, his gaze holding hers had gone cold. He’d suddenly thought how willing she was, how ardent, how needful. And he’d recognized with the cynical eye of a practiced rake how she’d responded to his suggestion. “I’d kill you if you ever lay with another man,” he harshly said, forcing himself back into her mouth. “No, I’d kill him” he brusquely modified, “and lock you away.” He was buried deep in her mouth again, his hands clamped on her head, a scowl drawing his dark brows together. “I won’t have you be like the women at the races,” he gruffly said. He’d forgotten in the months since his marriage how they were, how they crowded around him, offered themselves.

好好享受老婆的x41x42服務就好了~ xlll
偏偏要那壺不開提那壺 ==
他快要大難臨 “頭” 了還不知道…xlau

請期待:消失的紅寶石—Recovery 8


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