【蘇珊強森傑作選】: 消失的紅寶石—Recovery 8

再續【Outlaw 劫愛】 消失的紅寶石xte

Warning again:這段描寫很煽情
為免心臟負荷不了 xsergent 純情愛姊妹請退場
不識字的可以再度利用 線上字典 xte



The expression in Elizabeth’s eyes instantly altered and her head jerked back. Then, recoiling, she bit him. x001 “What women?” she snapped, resting back on her heels, her green eyes dark with anger. x2s

“That hurt,” he growled. x19

“Good. What women?” she tartly repeated, her hands pugnaciously on her hips. xattack

“There are no women,” Johnnie dissembled. “It was a stupid remark. And if you ever bite me again like that—“ xma

“You didn’t tell me you were going to renew all your old friendships at the races. I suppose that’s why I wasn’t invited along.” She could see him now, damn his blatant sexuality, flirting and lord knew what else. “Did you have sex, then, along with the races?” xwantdie

“Elizabeth. I went to the races. Period. And how the hell would I have any energy left when I fuck you a dozen times a day?” xlau He was still surly at being bitten. His penis x22 throbbed em37, her teeth marks red indentations on the distended tip. xtolerance And since he’d turned away all the importuning females today in a shocking reversal of his pre-marital behavior, he resented her accusations. xma

“If it’s a burden to make love to me, consider yourself relieved of the onerous duty.” Furious and insulted, she glowered at him. x19

依妮開始不可理喻的”使性子”了 xlll
但因為她懷孕了情緒本來就容易起伏不定 xin
誰叫你搬石頭砸自己的腳 ==
下次要記得當你的 x22 在老婆嘴裡的時候 xin


”If I don’t want to, Elizabeth, believe me, I don’t need your permission to stop.” xlll

“Because there will always be all those women waiting for you –at the races or at the hunts or hawking or across my damned dinner table,” she exploded, her jealousy a shocking beast inside her. x19

“Yes, they’re always there,” xlll he answered her, his own frustration peaking. “But since I only want your ripe body,” he declared, moody and grim, “it doesn’t matter.” Reaching out, he ran a rough ungentlemanly hand over her heaving breasts.

She slapped his hand away. x45“Don’t you dare touch me after flirting all afternoon.”xwantdie

He didn’t move for a single black-tempered moment. “What do you mean, don’t dare touch me?”xlll His voice was a low growl.

再怎麼寵溺縱容老婆的強尼也有忍耐限度…xthink 但依妮還在逞口舌之快…xlll

“Just what I said.” Her rebuff was swift, flippant and rude.

“Because of some damnable unjustifiable jealousy?” His voice had gone very soft. 誰叫你自己起的頭…xang 自己造業自己擔啦~xte

She bristled at his tone, at his challenge. “I don’t find your explanation adequate.” 你老婆不怕你耶..xlau

“And I don’t like your question. I’ll touch you, Elizabeth, if I wish.” 強尼開始擺出一家之主的架勢xsergent

接著上演「馴悍記」xsergent 看”誰才是老大”….xlau

She started to move but he moved faster and a flashing second later she was pushed face down over the foot end of the chaise, her bottom arched up provocatively, her husband surveying her from behind. x48

“Now then, he lazily murmured, feeling hostile and perverse, “let’s see about touching you.” And he guided his rigid penisx23 forward until it lightly brushed her exposed sex. Rubbing it back and forth over her pouting lips, he teased her sensitive flesh as if she was a mare being readied for mounting, until she quivered with need. And then he entered her, slowly, a small restrained distance, and paused to let her desire escalate to desperation.

She tried not to move or respond as waves of torrid heat swept over her and her flesh contracted around him. She tried to remember her anger, to nurture her resentment, but he slid in another half inch and her body unconsciously reacted, sliding backwards, searching for the elusive pleasure.

He deliberately enticed her, advancing with exaggerated slowness, forcing her to recognize her need, withdrawing once when she tried to set the pace, only entering her again when she’d calmed under his hands. And long moments later, when he was sunk deep inside her, when she was stretched and filled with him, when his stirring presence had refocused her resentment, her senses, her world, he slid his fingers through the amber belt on her hips, grasped it firmly and, holding her tightly pinioned, pushed deeper.

Elizabeth screamed in pure sensual ecstasy. xsh

Only then Johnnie began the sweet ebb and flow, swinging in and out in the agonizing motion of enticement, his lean body driving in a powerful rhythm, her honeyed sweetness lubricating each deliberate languid invasion. And when her breathing became erratic and his mind was no longer capable of dispassionate commend, he savagely drove into her with such hot-blooded intensity both groaned with fierce pleasure.

She met him in a restless tumultuous fervor, her soft sights breathy as each thrusting stroke reached home, his throaty growl adjunct to the powerful rhythm of his lower body. Her need was as excruciating as his. And they exploded hot, steamy, breathless—in a scorching, cataclysmic release.
不管有多氣,依妮對強尼的 x22 還是抗拒不了….xlau

雖然這一回合強尼贏了 xlll 但好戲還在後頭咧….xte


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