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X-File of Susan Johnson’s Masterpieces – LOVE STORM

消失的李子—Replay 1 by rie

傳奇的李子…是怎麼消失的? 來不及參加強酸嫂過去的愛姊妹們 別驚慌
看了實況轉播之後 強酸嫂的未來妳應該不會缺席

為免心靈嚴重受創 純情愛姊妹請退場

廢話不多說 Love Storm 的女主角茵娜被李子伺候的服服貼貼實況如下


And indeed a steady stream of pearly white fluid oozed out between the pouting pink lips of the shaved vulva and ran in white rivulets down Zena’s legs.

“what a copious flow,do you not agree,my prince?Perhaps I’ll have her couple with all my guests this night.Surely with that profuse abundance of lubricating essence the fourteenth cock will glide in as easily as the first.Is she not a hot little jade,my captain,and,ah,such marvelous breasts.”

“Prodigiously warm,it appears,” the prince murmured in reply.

A sharp clap and the frenzied music stopped.

“Come here, Delilah,” Ibrahim Bey commanded and Zena obeyed. She stood before him,and he reached out with his napkin and slowly wiped the drops of fluid from her thighs,moving upward and caressing the exposed shaved seat of pleasure;at his touchZena shuddered in ecstasy.

A cry of rage caught in Alex’s throat,and his nails dug into his palms.Restraint,you fool,he thought to himself.If he could retain some control over his feelings,he might get her out of here.But he was no match for thirteen men.he had left the four trackers and Ivan outside,but they were outnumbered.

“Sit between my guest and me,sweet Delilah,”and Ibrahim Bey gently lowered Zena onto the cushion between the two men. He delicately arranged her legs,thighs spread wide and ankles crossed so Zena’s shaved vulva was licentiously exposed,pink lips pouting and glistening wet.

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2. 茵娜的”花園”已除草完畢
3. 當天的恩客有14名
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